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MuscleTech Muscle Builder is a lean muscle builder and workout performance booster.

Lean Gains

The active ingredient PeakATP® has been scientifically researched by a 2013 human study done at the University of Tampa.

After 12 weeks the athletes who received a daily dose of 400 mg PeakATP® increased lean body mass by 4kg versus the placebo group who increased by 2.1kg.

Muscle thickness was recorded at 4.9mm versus 2.5mm which is a 96% increase.

Increased Strength

The muscle thickness gains can be attributed to the massive increase in strength. Athletes receiving PeakATP® increased strength by 147% over the placebo group which meant that they lifted substantially heavier weight resulting in the increase in muscle thickness.

Improved Blood Flow

PeakATP® also plays a role in nitric oxide production which improves blood flow and muscle pumps during your workout. Improved blood flow is essential to carry nutrient and oxygen rich blood to muscles to boost workout performance and speed up recovery.

MuscleTech Muscle Builder Pro Series is a unique lean muscle builder designed for individuals looking to boost performance in the gym as well as build more muscle and strength.

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