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  • NATURAL LATEX MATERIAL doesn’t cause irritation on skin and its high elasticity allows you to perform diverse exercises. It does not snap or tear. Go for Squats, Glute Bridge, Hip Raises, Straight Leg Raise, Deadlifts, Lunges and more.
  • VARIABLE RESISTANCE LEVEL each band has a different resistance level making it a versatile and a must have item for your home gym. Comes in 5 different levels of resistance 5-25Ibs (X-light, Light, Medium, Heavy, X-Heavy). Whether you are a professional athlete or an average Joe, these resistance bands are tailor made for your fitness needs.
  • EXERCISE ON THE GO with its extremely portable design, you can stay on track with your workout routine. While on vacation or away on an office trip these resistance bands will always be your loyal partner.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY- Elastic band set is designed for your convenience, depending on what muscles you want to target, ideal for legs, abdomen, quads, glutes, and torso region.
  • INSTRUCTION MANUAL INCLUDED- A comprehensively prepared instruction manual is included so you are able to effectively perform the weight loss and body conditioning exercises. Step by step explanation is given for different maneuvers for your ease.




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