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  • LIFTING SUPPORT WITH ANTI-SLIP GRIP- The non-slip grip on the weightlifting straps enhances grip by providing anti-slip resistance, reducing the likelihood of equipment slipping from sweaty hands and allowing athletes to lift heavier weights with more comfort.
  • MATERIAL MATTERS FOR COMPETING ATHLETES- High-quality cotton material is used to make the RDX lifting straps in accordance with professional standards, providing durability for long deadlifting and powerlifting sessions. The material also prevents the deadlift straps from tearing apart.
  • IDEAL 60CM LENGTH FOR MULTIPLE WRAPS- The professional gym-grade 60cm length of the gym lifting straps allows for multiple wraps around the bars, providing a better grip on the weights. This one-size-fits-all strap ensures that individuals of all statures can comfortably use them to enhance their gym regimen.
  • OPTIMAL 5MM PADDING FOR WRIST SUPPORT- The perfectly sized 5mm thick neoprene padding of the weightlifting wrist wraps helps to manage pressure on the wrists during heavy lifting sessions, while also providing support to the wrists and allowing users to lift weights more effectively.
  • STITCHED FOR LASTING PERFORMANCE- The industrial-grade stitching of the RDX straps for weight lifting makes them durable and a fashion statement in the fitness world. The stitching ensures that the men’s workout wraps do not disintegrate or split during rigorous lifting sessions.

RDX S4 Silicone Gel Coated Non-Slip Solid Grip Weight Lifting Gym Straps

RDX S4 Silicone Gel Coated Non-Slip Solid Grip Weight Lifting Gym Straps


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