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  • PVC EMBEDDED ADJUSTED 10.3 FT WIRE ROPE allows quick size modification according to different user heights. The protective coating is also resilient against concrete surfaces, averting scratches to the internal steel cable. Go for fat burning, , weight-loss, stamina and endurance building with packed confidence.
  • NON-SLIP MEMORY FOAM HANDLES are coated with spongy and soft memory foam that ensures comfort, averts hand fatigue and soaks up sweat. It allows users to get a non-slip grip to get in more jumps during longer skipping sessions.
  • WEIGHTED HANDLES with weight bars in 6.0oz and 9.5oz options that can be added to increase resistance – which helps burn more calories, build endurance and muscle definition. Ideal for X-FIT, Boxing, MMA and Functional training routine.
  • BALL BEARING MECHANISM and fine steel tips helps you get stable and rapid rotations, while producing low noise. It provides longer service life than ordinary ropes. High-grade ball bearing swivel system enables smooth rotation without any friction for rapid skipping without breaking momentum.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE UTILITY for variety of sports. Perfect for weighted rope exercises, cross rope, stamina and endurance training to improve muscle definition and burn calories. Used from basic jumping exercises for beginners at home gyms, and for legs and forearm strength.

RDX W1 Jump Rope With Foam Handles

RDX W1 Jump Rope With Foam Handles


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