• BIGGER BICEPS AND TRICEPS– The innovative combination of powder coated aluminium, nylon straps, and embossed neoprene pads helps achieve the optimal form for arm curls. The arm blaster for biceps and triceps allows you to partake in various exercises aimed at bodybuilding, weightlifting, and improved core strength.
  • LOCK AND ISOLATE – The arm curl harness by RDX allows the users to keep their arms and shoulders isolated while working out. By locking the back and elbows in place with its contoured plate design, the arm blaster helps the users in their effort to maximize the engagement of the biceps in the exercise.
  • ADJUSTABILITY AND PADDING – With a quick release mechanism, the 42 inch long bicep isolator strap can be adjusted with both a touch fastener and a durable buckle, at the required position. The 6mm thick neoprene neck pad of the arm isolator blaster buffers the stress during weighted training sessions.
  • OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS – With its 23 inch long and 3.5 inch wide structure, the arm curl blaster has been made to the optimal dimensions, along with a centrally balanced design, that allows the users to develop bigger and leaner biceps and triceps.
  • PRECISE MOMENTUM – The 6mm thick embossed EVA padding on the curl assist support helps minimize the unwanted speed and momentum often gained during the bicep and tricep workouts. By mimicking the function of a curled barbell pad, the bicep elbow pads provide you with optimal support during exhausting reps.

RDX T2 Arm Blaster for Biceps Curl



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