• POLY-COTTON FABRIC WITH LATEX SILK constitutes non-slip, tear-resistant and overall durable construction. Thick, wide, flexible fabric stays elastic over time and isn’t too tight or loose. Resistance bands are ideal for arms, legs, hips, thigh, shoulders, and glutes, as well as improving body conditioning.
  • 3 RESISTANCE LEVELS available in the set. Light workout band has a total length of approx.660.4mm with resistance level ranging from 18 to 32lbs. Medium booty band with 762mm length and 30-50lbs resistance. Heavy band features total length of 863.6mm and 45-70lbs strength with uniform thickness of 3.43mm and 80.01mm width.
  • MULTIPLE UTILITY Pull up bands are mostly used for resistance training. They can be used for Pilates, Weight Press, Yoga, Stretching, Gymnastics and more disciplines too. Ideal fitness tool for everyday usage.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY FABRIC is easy on the skin and does not offer a strong odor. Hip resistance bands are ideal for home gym use and are perfect recipe for most muscle rehabilitation.
  • INSTRUCTION BOOK WITH PORTABLE BAG to guide you through the use accurately. Now you can do stretch training everywhere and are not confined to the room or gym exercise.

RDX Heavy-Duty Fabric Resistance Training Bands for Fitness

RDX Heavy-Duty Fabric Resistance Training Bands for Fitness


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